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About Us

Whocare is a responsible travel organization that connects dreams of travelers to the authentic and real life experiences. Our ecotourism and community development activities are based in the dense forest of Kaeng Kracharn and Kuiburi forest in Phetchburi, only three hours south of Bangkok. Here is the place where we can learn the sustainable coexistence between the local communities and the wild elephants. Simply silent observing wild elephants from where they are without any interference and learning what the communities have been doing to help the survival of both themselves and the elephants is rewarding and sustainable. Our team has been working with all related stakeholders; local communities, businesses and individuals to develop a sustainable tourism model that enhances the local economy whilst minimizing negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts. Whocare is committed to developing the sustainable business model whose quality and services rest equally on our customer satisfaction, community happiness and environmental sustainability. Join our responsible mission!


Volunteer dream project

Explore the sights and experience local cultures and animal grassland set as you help make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the communities you are visiting. The best of both worlds, our Volunteer trips allow you the opportunity to give something back while providing a deeply personal and fully immersive, interactive adventure you will never forget.

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